People and Places in
the History of Coca-Cola

People and Places in
the History of Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Trail

The Coca-Cola Trail is a journey for anyone interested in discovering the history and growth of the world's most recognized product.  The Trail takes readers to the people and places in America that tell the story -- places where you can see, touch and remember. 

Whether a serious Coca-Cola memorabilia collector, a person interested in American business history, or simply a fan with your own Coca-Cola memories.  The Coca-Cola Trail provides a fresh new look at a trusted old friend.

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Each book features historic photographs and memories that recall how pioneering bottlers created what would become the world’s most famous product.  


  • The Coca-Cola Trail is a versatile, engrossing story that profiles people and places forever changed by Coca-Cola.  Vivid description, which makes for lively reading. 
    - D. Donovan - Senior Book Reviewer
  • Learned a lot reading this book!  So many amazing historic photographs as well.
    - Jessica - Iowa